Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Greenhouse Project: Denouement

the title of this post may give any of you who are new here a clue that this is the end of a story. (well, it is very unlikely, but there could be notes, a bibliography, and an index.) in any case the project was moving a greenhouse to a better location, sunwise. the greenhouse has reached its new place. any of you who would like to review the move may check part one, deux, tres, or IV. it is solidly on the ground and spiked in place (see me below cutting rebar into 2 foot spikes, tres dramatique!). it wants some dirt fill to raise the floor level a bit and then the gravel, which will be the floor again, can be moved from its old place to the new. we are looking south, in the photo below, at the north wall of the greenhouse. oh yeah, i will rebuild growing beds inside too.

these are the tools used for the move. i think this is all. wood blocks, screw jacks, chains, come-alongs, shovels, sawsall, pipes (rollers), pipe wrench, various hammers, pry bars, cordless drill/screwdriver, kneepads. you may notice the small speakers and the ipod in the middle of the mechanical stuff. music keeps me going, and i like the surprise of the shuffle.

i was cutting rebar with a metal cutting blade in an old skilsaw and it struck me that the shower of sparks must be a sight from the outside, from a point of view other than mine. RD took this picture. there is more light than heat. yes, i do wear safety goggles.

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