Monday, January 02, 2006

The Greenhouse Project Liber IV

ok greenhouse fans (you know who you are). the final series of pictures of the move. captions below each picture.

here's a view with the former location in the foreground. the greenhouse (hereinafter called, as i dubbed it, gus) has moved about 40 feet. a sunny day, so the areas of shadow and light are clearly visible. gus is going up to the sunny spot.

after a 20 degree turn and 16 feet forward, from the previously pictured location, gus is ready to turn 90 degrees onto the bare dirt patch which will be his home.

half turned! just visible (click on the pic for the big view) under the window is the steel pipe upon which gus is pivoting. the truck is used as an anchor for the come-along winch. really, that's wet grass in wet soil. barely enough traction to move the truck itself. the wheels are blocked.

the covered mounds in the foreground are the soil from the growing beds in gus in his previous location, wheelbarrowed here by pirate energy. i can't do organized exercise, so i stay healthier when i have projects requiring physical work. the best projects, like this one, require some thought too.

ready for the final 16 feet.

from the old location, which would be in the shade on a clear day, looking at gus in his new place, where he would be bathed in sunlight on that imaginary clear day.

there is a load of gravel to move for the foundation and floor. i expect it will be easier than moving the building. i plan one more post about the move to show the tools used.

there are two ways of applying motive force to move gus when he is set up on rollers. 1. push/pull gus himself. 2. apply rotational force to one (or more, beyond my capability here) of the rollers, or trundles, upon which gus rests. you've seen the movie of the pull gus with a hand winch method (haven't you?). now see the pipe wrench on the roller method used to move gus.

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