Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hurray! A Sunny Day

I almost didn't see the sun rise on Wednesday morning. I kept those butterflies curtains closed. I didn't want to see one more grey morning. The pirate said, "Oh, I think you are going to want to see this."
The day was spectacular even before the sun peeked above the horizon.
We went for our favorite walk and were warmed by sun reflected on Port Townsend Bay.
This heron was out hunting in the sunlight.
There was even a rainbow right by Gus. (Notice Gus is in the sunlight)
And finally the sun headed towards the western horizon.

Wednesday evening, at dusk, our kitty cat Bonsai came out of the bedroom slinking along the floor the way he does when he is afraid. DPR and I looked at each other and wondered what could have provoked such a response. Bonsai has been known to stare at imaginary ghosts in the corner of rooms, but there was something about his behavior, the way he slunk toward the sliding glass door that faces the yard, and then stared, that made us run to the window to see. What was it? Bobcat? Coyote? We're not sure how Bonsai knew, in a house with the windows closed and the heat on, but there it was a small bobcat walking past the pond toward the back flower bed, where it pounced on something and carried it away behind the trees. I tried to photograph it but there was simply not enough light, and my hands were shaking with the excitement of having this wild creature in our yard again. It was such a beautiful little hunter. The perfect ending to a sunny day.

What do you think? Did Bonsai smell it, or did he hear it?

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