Sunday, January 22, 2006

Koufax and an Eagle

Even at this age life can still throw us some fine and funny surprises. Someone sweetly and thoughtfully nominated the Dharma Bums for Best New Blog over at the Koufax awards. It is so flattering and kind to be thought of in that light, we are grateful for that stunning vote of confidence in our work and play. However, it is not in our natures to compete, and in particular something like this where unlike things are compared to each other. I wrote the fine people at Wampum the following email:

Hello Wampum--

Someone very kindly nominated the Dharma Bums for Best New Blog, and while we are surprised and flattered, we would like our name to be removed from the list. If there were a category for Best New Blog for Retired People With Too Much Time on Their Hands, we might have considered competing. But as it is, we are really not so much into competition....

In the immortal words of LBJ-- We shall not seek, and we will not accept the nomination...

RD & dpr

So, while I was talking on the telephone yesterday, and staring out the window as I am wont to do, my mind and eyes wandering, I noticed this eagle soaring over our yard. I grabbed the camera and got this one-handed shot. What a beauty.

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