Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rainy Day

we live somewhere close to the center of the weather map below. this is a snapshot and of course the weather moves along. it has been a steady stream of this all day.

i had plans for the day. well, not really plans, but whatever it was it didn't include 3 hours with apple tech support. the support people are great. patient. knowledgeable enough. i called because my new powerbook was freezing now and then, requiring a shutdown and restart. not good for a new machine. we tried various things. no success. the next step would be to reinstall the software from the install cds which came with the machine. oh no! the cd is unreadable. another call to apple. they will ship me new cds. another 2 days. from monday. meanwhile i changed a setting in "energy saver" and the problem went away.

RD upgraded her ibook to the newest os x to have the same as me. part of the time on the phone with tech support was to resolve two problems on her ibook after the upgrade. the apple help program didn't work. problem resolved. the microphone no longer works. problem unresolved. recommendation: backup all data, erase disc, reformat, reinstall everything. we haven't done that yet.

so when our apple laptops work they are great. both have little hiccups now. it is very frustrating to buy a new machine and have it not work correctly. and find the backup disc, that came with the new machine, unreadable. did i mention that i got a new powerbook because the hinge broke on my 3 1/2 year old powerbook? it still worked, but i had to leave the lid open in it's fixed position and move it very carefully, and the screen flickered ominously at times.

later in the day we relaxed in the sauna listening to the rain. a nice antidote to tech support phone time. dinner. posting. and so to bed.


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