Friday, January 27, 2006

Taking the Time to Walk

The day began with a subtle sunrise. We knew we had to go for a walk. (Please click on photos to enlarge)
Looking east at the still foggy sky
Looking west at the crescent moon in a lavendar sky
We walked out the front door, down the road, to the creek. We found the tide going out for one of the first minus tides we've had during daylight in months.
We love looking upcreek at where we've just been walking. The herons and kingfishers had long since fled. Everything flees at the sound of our footfall.
When we reached the mouth of the creek, we found a meal's worth of mussels, and a few oysters. The pirate filled his pockets with the bounty, while I watched an eagle fly directly towards us. You can barely make out Mt. Baker peeking out behind Indian Island.
We hiked back up the bluffs to head home and see Mt. Baker from a much better vantage point.
We planned a hike for the next day when the tide would be even lower. The sunrise was absolutely cloudless, but before we could head out for a walk the clouds poured in quickly and looked as ominous as a twister.
Later in the day, the darkening clouds were all-encompassing, reminding us to grab the sunny moments when we can.

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