Friday, January 13, 2006

Ten Ways to Tell if Your Cat is in College

Bonsai, considering whether to wake up or not
We started to pay close attention to our cat's behavior and realized that it reminded us of something: College Students. We think Bonsai is in college. What do you think?

1. He runs around the house and parties all night long.

2. He sleeps all day, and actually moans and complains if we try to waken him.

3. When he does awaken at 3:00 he wants to be fed.

4. He never cleans up after himself.

5. He never actually goes to class, but insists that he knows absolutely everything about eveything.

6. He seems to be on the 10-year plan to graduation, and hasn't yet declared a major.

7. He eats catnip whenever he wants to, pretending that the clock always says 4:20 pm.

8. He never gets a job.

9. Everytime he leaves the house, he acts like he's going to be lucky and get laid.

10. He always looks at us as if we are idiots.

Tell us this doesn't sound like a college student.
Bonsai, appalled by something we just said

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