Thursday, January 19, 2006

We've Got Nothing

So here's the truth. We're boring, and nothing at all happened on Wednesday. Well, if we were to examine things very closely this is what we could report on:

The Pain
The pirate strained his back in the greenhouse and spent time on ice on the couch.

The Mundane
I did laundry. Brought a photograph to the neighbors of a rainbow over their house. Fed the cat. Cleaned his kitty litter box and wondered how advanced civilizations would view this behavior.

We had a dinner of couscous (*The pirate said it was a heckuva a couscous)

The Inane
We wondered if people still sleep in pajamas. We never do.

The Insane
We tried to determine if our realism had transformed into a kind of nihilism.

We talked about nuclear bombs, Iran, population, resources, Abramoff and Bush.

And no rain
I photographed the sky and realized that the rainshadow actually sends the most stunning clouds our way, as they sail over the Olympics.
Just a quiet day at Chez Bums. It's still winter here.

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