Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Culch Pile

wayne over at niches cleaned out some storage spaces. the stuff he described reminded me of a term from my youth. Culch pile. i googled it. seems to be a new england term for odd stuff saved because it may be useful some day. i think i got the term from my maternal grandfather. that kitchen drawer where you stuff things you can't throw away and can't properly store is a culch drawer.

click on any picture for a really detailed look at culch.

in any case, i am prepared for many eventualities, tho fewer now than before our last move, when i had to abandon most of the larger items i had carefully saved over the years. need a screw or a bolt?

maybe some cables.

more screws and bolts. maybe nuts too

plumbing parts?

some electric stuff. and caulk.

don't we have a national culch pile of old-fashioned but still serviceable things like a responsible press, informed voters, or even possibly fiscal responsibility? i know we used the fiscal thing as lately as 1998. sure hope we kept the idea somewhere. in an earlier era the vice-presidency was referred to as "not worth a bucket of warm spit." (by veep john nance garner. from wikipedia.....Garner, always the character, once described the office of the vice presidency as being "not worth a bucket of warm piss" (at the time reported with the bowdlerization "spit")) can we retrieve that term and at least use it for the current veep? sans bowdlerization!

and really, let's take civil rights and freedom of speech and personal privacy out of our national culch pile, where they have been consigned by the current administration, and hope they still work. i wonder if there is any diplomacy left in there.

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