Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Enough Already

The news breaks my heart anew everyday. I feel like a casualty in the war that's been declared on liberal thought, on thinking altogether. My logic does not protect me from the insidious craziness that commands the media. Who holds these moguls in sway anyway? I saw Karl Rove on TV the other day. I shouted, Who are you? Why do you have air time? Why do you presume to speak to me? Why aren't you in jail?

I'm tired. I don't care about the Senate Hearings where Alberto Gonzales answers questions but not under oath. We are never really protected from their lies, but his sworn testimony would give us some legal recourse. What is the impetus for truth-telling if one hasn't placed their hand on a book of stories 2000 years old?

But in a stunning act of brazen nuttiness--John McCain thinks Barack Obama is disingenuous and a self-interested partisan. Oh really? Can I say anything that could illuminate the utter outrageousness of this comment? I have descended into the limbic region of my brain. I want to blindly lash out and smash something. Maybe I'll call John McCain's office and scream madly into the telephone. Partisanship is the Republican party's motus operandi, their raison d'etre, their most important policy, their real god.

But I don't want to live in that moment because I'll have to think about cartoons that incite violence. Can a cartoon really incite violence? Have I ever seen anything that would make me burn down a building or kill another human? Have you? I have seen things that so enraged me I wanted to strike out at something, but I didn't. Why not? Why not?

When I watch the birds I see that some can simply share the abundance.

And some must devour other birds to live. For that there can be no regret.
While others are pairing off to send their genes into the future.

My twin brother just sent me an email that concluded:
The earth is the real reason life is good. It has nothing to do with human beings.

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