Friday, February 03, 2006

First the Woodpecker, then the Coyote

I went out Wednesday morning to put some food in the bird feeder. All the birds, but one, took off as I approached. I didn't notice it at first because it was hiding on the backside of the post, but as I got close to the feeder, the head of a downy woodpecker peeked around the side of the post and looked at me. It did not seem afraid at all, but it hid back behind the post. Then, it stuck its head out again and peeped at me. I said hello back and ran to the house to get the camera. But by the time I returned it had already set itself on the hanging suet. It let me get so close I couldn't believe it. Here's what that little cutie looked like.
The downy was was back on Thursday, and played hide and seek with me again. This one has definitely won my heart. (Click on all pictures to enlarge)

Later in the day we drove into town to take a walk, after being immersed in bird stories, blogs, and blog links for hours. As we approached the field where we've seen coyotes, I said to dpr, "You know, I should really give our phone number to the work crew that's building the cafe across the street. That way if they see a coyote, they can just call us up and we can get down here in two minutes to take some pictures. Whoa, there's a coyote right now!"
She was busy hunting and was not deterred by our presence even when we parked on the side of the road to take her picture.

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