Thursday, February 02, 2006

I and the Bird #16

For three days in 1969 Max Yasgur's dairy farm in Bethel, New York was transformed into the Woodstock Festival of peace, love and music. In homage to the spirit of that time, this blog known as The Dharma Bums is transformed for the day into a place of peace, love, and birds. We are please to present Birdstock, the online virtual concert and celebration of wild birds.

Here's an old ticket, it still gets you into the show:
Click on the ticket to hear Wavy Gravy at Woodstock.
We have a fantastic line up of performers from around the world for you, all here to sing their songs of birds. Some of us write poems, some photograph, some count, some hold them in their hands and heal them, some paint pictures of their inspiring beauty. But each of us in our own way sings a song of praise and delight, love and appreciation for these wild birds that live among us.

Our talented performers will take center stage in the order they signed up to perform. Here is the Birdstock virtual concert schedule:

Vic of The Clog Almanac sings a Florida ballad called Counting Crows about common-folk stereotypes of various corvid species.

The Ben Cruachan blog hails from Australia and sings a lovely tune called Come for a Walk about all the fine bird sightings in Stratford Highway Park.
Huitzil of Stone Bridge provides us with a vintage Austin sound in his beautiful song Clear Water and Birds about the birds of the local swimming hole at Barton Springs.

John of A DC Birding Blog belts out a hard-working number about bird counting along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.
Deb's Sand Creek Almanac comes straight out of Bob Dylan's home state, where she serenades us with the sweet notes of the American Goldfinch in winter.

MB of Find Me a Bluebird takes the stage with a solo of poetic eloquence as she rhapsodizes about the moment she saw a Great Horned Owl.
TBeth of Firefly Forest brings the sights and sounds of Agua Caliente Park in Tucson alive when she sings the song of the Ring-Necked Ducks.

Pete of Pohanginapete offers us his touching and heart-rending What Murray Would Have Wanted song of lament, of loss and the search for the endangered Whio in Pohangina, New Zealand.
Charles from Charlie's Bird Blog croons a humorous tune of what birders don't like to hear when they're out there in the field.

Carel of Rigor Vitae: Life Unyielding paints a stunning portrait in his song It's Murder, I tell ya, Murder about how the crows, ravens and magpies have adapted to life in Utah.
Anne, the incomparable songstress of Yllstonewolf captures the compelling sound of beauty when she sings the Great Horned Owl nest song I'm Tired in her much beloved Rocky Mountain High country.

Julian of Oeygarden Birds shares his melodic view of the splendid and varied Yard Birds outside his window in Norway.
Sigrid Jardin of Her Secret Garden sings her marvelous tale Backyard Visitor about a Great Blue Heron in her urban backyard on the Central Coast of California.

Rurality serenades us with a light-hearted tune of Hooded Mergansers, a Snipe, and digiscoping in her song Further Adventures in Bad Bird Photography in Alabama.
Pam of Tortoise Trail sings the sweet song of Nesting Hawks about Red-Tailed hawks that return to the same eucalyptus tree in Tucson for third year.

Cindy the artisan queen of Woodsong reaches the finest high notes with her usual flourish in her song Here a Bird, There a Bird about counting Snow Buntings in Michigan.
Pam of Thomasburg Walks sings a dreamy song in Last Night I Dreamed of Birds about owls and other birds not yet recognized, in her Ontario winter bird dream.

Dave of Bird TLC in Anchorage Alaska, sings the heartbreak song Ravens Get Special Care Also about those unfortunate birds who meet up with some humans, but find tender care from others.
Jude of Long-toothed hinterland dweller in Australia sings the No Night Owl song from the southern hemisphere about a bird so unusual it must be seen to be believed.

Tai Haku of Earth, Wind & Water brings us a sea tune of stunning Albatrosses that he penned while sailing off the coast of South Africa.
Bill of the Birds has a surprising and utterly fascinating tune called Bank Swallows Gone Wild about bird necrophilia.

From the Texas Hill Country B and B have a song of journeying up to the winter weather of Skagit Valley in Washington on a quest to see their first bald eagle.
Home Bird Notes arrives with a lovely, long song of divers and dabblers and geese-- oh my.

Troutgrrl in Science and Sarcasm performs a song that poses the question: Anyone Lose a Tail Feather?
Julie Zickefoose sings a moving ballad of the care and healing of an injured titmouse in her song Nobody Can Cuss Like a Titmouse.

Mike of 10000 Birds, bird maven and true master of these ceremonies, tempts us with his siren song about his journey to the Bahamas and the endlessly beautiful birds he encounters there.
Clare of the House and Other Arctic Musings chants his meditative musings about birding and birders' life lists in his contemplative Lists Lists Lists.

Amy of WildBird on the Fly takes a beautiful and bird-filled walk on Monday at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary and was moved to song by the great joy of all she beheld.
Grrlscientist of Living the Scientific Life performs the ever-popular tune How Many More Woodpeckers are in our Future, a song about the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.

Rob Fergus of The Birdchaser sings the song of the splendors to be found in watching the common birds in his song Have You Seen The Wawa?

Sharon of Birdchick wraps it up with a fantastic song of falcon flirtation in this beautiful finale I Got Bent.

We hope you have enjoyed this virtual concert, the voices from around the world all singing in celebration of the wild birds in our lives. If you love birds please consider blogging about them and sending a link to next I and the Bird host Amy at Wild Bird on the Fly.

You have been a great audience. Thank you for joining us.

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