Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sunny Day for a Change

I'm composing right on blogger. You know what that means? I have absolutely nothing to say. Well, no that's not quite right. I have plenty to say, but you've already heard it all. My rants are old hat to you. Whatever. Right? Blah blah blah Tom Delay blah blah subcommittee Justice Department.

We had a gorgeous sunrise on a fantastically beautiful morning. I ran out to the yard straight out of a warm bed. 38 degrees outside. I'm in a tee-shirt and cotton pants. The sunrise warms me to my bones.

Our dear friends call and ask if we'd like to walk in Fort Worden. We had been planning to plant broccoli and carrots under the cloche, and mesclun mix in the greenhouse. We say, "Absolutely, what time?"

The sky is so clear we forget that it's ever been cloudy. Like pain, once it's gone it's nearly impossible to recall viscerally. It's merely memory. Now there's only clarity that pulls every cell in our bodies and redraws it in blue.

The walk back to the car is through the trees. We wonder if they are lodgepole pines. Sure look like it, except they're not pines, but fir. They still look like they would hold up any lodge, though. We're satisfied by that.

After dinner I notice that I can see my reflection in the window. It reflects that it's been a damned good day.

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