Friday, February 17, 2006

Tele Extender

we had some questions about camera, lens, and distance of the bobcat pix in the previous post, so we measured the distance and took some photos to demonstrate the various settings and lens arrangements. all pictures were taken using the auto focus and auto f-stop and shutter speed settings. the first photo was taken at 12x, the maximum optical telephoto power of our camera, a panasonic DMC-FZ20. i am standing where the bobcat was. RD took these shots from the same place we took the bobcat shots. the distance from camera to me is 116 feet.
me at 12x. equivalent to 432 mm lens on 35 mm slr
this picture was taken at 12x with the olympus TCON-14b 1.5 tele extender added. might be like a 648 mm lens.

this picture was taken at 1x. the camera sez right on it "35 mm equiv. 36-432" so this is like a 36 mm lens.

don't try this at home kids! warning! photoshopped image. this bobcat may have been relaxed, but i would not get this close even if he let me. RD, photoshopper deluxe, put the bobcat image taken from the same place and at the same telephoto setting in the image with me. for a visual size comparison.

we also had questions and comments about wild animals and habitat, and the effect of population growth in our locality, bigger questions that will take us a while to address. for now, there is a lot of habitat right in our neighborhood for lots of wildlife. big things up to mountain lions and bears. the peaks of olympic national park are within view. major wilderness there.

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