Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine for Bonny

The pirate and I don't celebrate holidays. Not a gift on Christmas, Hanukkah, or Valentine's Day. We just don't participate in the Hallmark adventures of our culture. But, our cat Bonsai, or as he is known around here -- Bonny or Bonny Boy or even Mr. B-- does. He loves all the big holidays. He thinks they were made especially for him. Just like a typical cat. So for Valentine's Day, we're giving him one of his favorite gifts, his photo on the blog and little story about him. It makes him feel important, right up there with Dick Cheney and Jack Abramoff, and he didn't have to shoot anyone or bribe them to get his 15 minutes. Bonny just has to be his cute self. We've told you how Bonsai falls off the furniture (he has neurological problems which results in seizures when he sleeps). Yesterday rather than flailing his body off his little red window seat, he just oozed off on to the pillow we keep there to cushion his falls. He gave us the look that he always gives when he has just found himself on the floor: Why did you guys put me here?

Happy Valentine's Day, Bonny.

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