Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wild Things and Human Beings

Our good friend and fellow blogger Lene of Leaning Birch gave up her blog in early February. So imagine how horrible it was for her to learn that some guy calling himself Harry has taken up residence at her blog address and taken two months of her posts (sans photographs, too bad Harry, you jerk) under his own name.
What does a blogger do under these circumstances? Part of me wants to google bomb the only link on that new site -- you know, so when you google schmuck some guy's weight loss ad would come up. But then I'd be participating in his sick little universe, and as much as I would like to cause him some deep humiliating embarrassment, it's really not my nature.
So instead, I'll write about how thoughtless and mean-spirited some people are. To attach one's name to work that is utterly not one's own must imply something about inadequacies, failure of imagination, and a strange heartlessness.
Here in this space where we pour out our own thoughts and visions, fears and dreams we hope for a community of like-minded people to join the discussion. It is disheartening, always, to find interlopers in our midsts.

But still we must persist. Post our pictures of things that spark the imagination and make us glad to be on the earth. We only hope that cretins like Harry will fade away along with all the other lying, cheating, spamming miscreants that walk this earth with us.

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