Sunday, February 19, 2006


Did you ever wish you could fly? I wish it all the time.

The pirate went clamming on Sunday. There was a nice low tide, so he could get out there and dig to his heart's content. I went with him, to keep him company and photograph the wigeons, seagulls, and crows. Before we went we watched the Crooks and Liars clip of Mary Matalin. She was spinning her insane wheels on the slick excuses she proffers for all the ways Dick Cheney is the paragon of perfection and not the pariah of perfidy we perceive him to be. Listening to her makes me want to fly away. I listen to how she constructs the war against liberals, the war against the press, the war against thinking. She demonizes anyone who does not understand that the hard work the administration does, they do for the American people. It is not about us, she says. it's about the American people.

She casts everything as us and them. She says we live in a parallel universe, the one that cares about hunting accidents (and global warming, melting ice caps, FISA, Abu Ghraib, corruption, I add). The American people don't care about these things. It's all very black and white. They're simply doing the people's business.
But in our way of thinking out here in the parallel universe, where we seem to have been banished to a grey and powerless world, we must rise up on our beautiful liberal wings and yearn to fly again.

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