Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Daylight in the Garden of Spring

well, i was trying for a play on "midnight in the garden of good and evil."

it has been warmish during the day lately. narcissus and crocus are up. all the trees and shrubs are showing buds. i planted early bush tomato seeds in greenhouse (what is he thinking?? it's march!) in starting pots, along with zucchini, chives, onions, kale, broccoli, and basil. the first three pictures are of plants outside, the rest are of plants in the greenhouse.

this is oregano that survived the winter under straw mulch. see the tender new shoots.

overwintered chives poking up through straw mulch.


now we're going into the greenhouse.

salad mix, called mesclun, with a row of beets between.

this is a collard plant i started from seed last november in the house! poor thing languished with some other starts. most died. i couldn't just abandon it.

chard, the other survivor from november's starts.

a row of carrot seedlings.

i am very optimistic about gardening. these are broccoli starts.

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