Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hey PZ-- Happy Birthday!

Today we are participating in a blogger surprise birthday party for PZ Myers at Pharyngula. PZ is the sane voice that endlessly and tirelessly shouts out on behalf of science and evolution. He put godlessness, atheism, and biology on the blogger map. We found him over a year ago (thanks to Philalethes at Bouphonia), and have been fans ever since.

So, for PZ on his birthday, we say here's a photo of tufts of rabbit fur that we found on our driveway this morning. We're sure that it was either a coyote or bobcat that took its meal here.

Here's a fresh sand dollar,

a sand dollar skeleton,

and a fossilized sand dollar.

Millions of years passed on this planet for this beautiful transition.

Here are the grey skies over the Olympic Peninsula, land that you love.

Happy Birthday, PZ.

(And thanks to grrlscientist at Living the Scientific Life for throwing this blogger surprise party.)

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