Friday, March 10, 2006

i say potato, you say pahtahtoh

last year we grew three kinds of potatoes. all were fairly successful. i'm guessing that we harvested 50 to 75 pounds.

these are white potatoes of some sort which grew from seed potatoes i got at our local feed/seed place. i know, i'm supposed to keep track of what i plant. they grew very well, but produced a ton of small potatoes. a cliche. i think i didn't keep the growing plants well enough watered. they have barely any sprouts. they store well. they are tasty.

these are blue potatoes, grown from feed/seed store bought taters. okay, i'm a sucker for horticultural oddities. blue potatoes, at least the ones we grew, are a wowser to serve, but not quite as tasty as the other color taters we grew. it is an interesting plate with poached eggs on fried blue potatoes. they clearly do not store as well as either of the white potatoes. i think we'll pass on growing the blues this year. well, maybe a few. our friend taradaharma, whom we have known in actual real life for many years, has honored us with a post showing the blue potato flowers, and a fine poem by robert linssen.

these are from supermarket taters, sprouting in the plastic bag months after we bought them, which we planted. they store well also, and taste good.

i'd like to grow two varieties of white potatoes this year, from seed potatoes. maybe a few blues, but i think the ones we have will be too far sprouted when it's time to plant them.

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