Monday, March 13, 2006

Not Raccoon-Proof Fence

We have been trying to figure out how the raccoon was getting into the yard. The deer fencing has been surprisingly successful keeping the deer and the coyotes out. It just doesn't do as well for the bobcat or raccoons. But we didn't know where their entry point was. Until now. And, to be perfectly honest, what we do know is how the raccoon gets out of the yard. (Click on the photos, and let the pictures tell the story.)

I caught a glimpse of our little tail-less bandit in the middle of the afternoon.

I followed him as he headed toward the furthest corner beyond the orchard.

He climbed head up over the fencing.

Then began a head-first descent.

I have to admit I was a little surprised that he traveled down the fence this way.

I think I expected him to leap with great agility, straight to the ground.

But this guy moved as slowly as a sloth.

Pausing to think things through.

Then proceeded with slow deliberation.

And finally made it to the ground, where he pretended he had never been in our yard at all.

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