Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sun, Rain, and Sky - Morning, Noon, and Night

On Sunday there was a rainbow to the east. It arched against the stormy sky and left its gold just beyond our garden.
On Monday there was a rainbow to the west. It arched against the bluest sky, and left its gold where the bobcat roams.
The sun set in shades of gray and gold, and left us still warm after a day of spring. When darkness fell we heard the first frogs of the season.
When the sun rose on Tuesday, the pirate looked west at the newly revealed mountains and saw the first light reflected in the snow there.

The colors changed every few minutes and finally settled into something that lit the western sky in layers of rose, sand, coral, and salmon.
We are expecting a late winter storm over the next few days. Wind and rain, maybe even snow. After these past few beautiful days, we are ready for whatever comes.

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