Monday, March 27, 2006

Tame Trees

the people who built our house and lived in it for 7 years planted several ornamental trees. they liked this sort of tree, which grows up and then hangs down. we call it the lumpy bush by the pond. the birds like to sit right up on top, as does the squirrel.

this one is blooming. looks to my totally untrained eye like it could possibly be some sort of willow.

here is another hangy down kinda tree. we have no idea. there were two of these, but one blocked some of our view of the pond, so we removed it.

this is some sort of fir tree, i'm guessing, because it has short needles. the lower branches look like other fir trees and the whole thing has a conical shape, but the very top branches look strange.

another picture of the strange fir. it looks as though it's gonna start hanging down.

we do know this last one. it is a western larch, Larix occidentalis, a deciduous conifer, sometimes called tamarack. that is last year's cone in the middle.

all guesses, informed or not, are welcome about what sort of trees these are.

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