Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wildlife, Southern Exposure, and High Speed Internet

We went for a hike on Saturday to look for Snowy Owls. A friend had stopped by and mentioned that he had spoken to someone who had seen more than fifteen white owls on this off-the-beaten-trail trail. Within minutes the three of us were out the door and heading south to find this trail. It was wicked cold and damp back there, and we had to slash our way through thorny and thick brush to get around ankle-deep, bone-chilling pools that spread across parts of the trail. We forged on, ever hopeful. We would have been thrilled to see even one Snowy Owl, but that just was not going to happen. In fact, when we tracked down the person who had told the story, it turned out that what she had seen was a family of Great Horned Owls. Something we would have been absolutely happy to see, but she also had not described the path so well. We turned right, but should have turned left at the very first juncture. Well, now we know for next time.
But while we were talking with her, somewhere out along Paradise Bay, an eagle soared with the seagulls. We were seeing new parts of the peninsula and started fantasizing about buying a yurt and moving way out where there's nothing but wildlife, southern exposure, and high speed internet. How far out would you go, and what would you need to make life liveable when you got there?
It's Sunday morning, we're heading out the door to go exploring. Maybe we'll find a home site somewhere, or maybe we'll see a snowy owl. Wish us luck.

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