Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Few Words

Sometimes we have a zillion things we want to say, but mostly none at all. So, we'll show you what we saw Monday. That's easier than sharing the things that crossed our minds-- the words we spoke when we walked the minus tide. We had a picnic on a massive driftwood bench. The egg salad spilled from our half bagels on to our laps and to the sand. A cold wind blew in from the Pacific just when the warm sun slipped behind the clouds. Our hands were suddenly too cold to even hold our napkins, or keep our hair from blowing into everything.
The seagull ate a crab for lunch.
This crab tried to hide from everyone.
The juvenile eagle perched quietly, practicing to become an adult.
The beach was dotted and dimpled with hidden life everywhere.
R walked the shoreline looking for secrets.
We came home and warmed our hands.

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