Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spectacular Eagle Cam

There are some things that just put everything into perspective for me. By that I mean they balance out the creepy, weird hell we call our government. They just naturally temper even the glee I feel when Tom DeLay announces he's going to resign, because I know he will use his brazen criminality to beat up Democrats in some insane parade of perverted virtue. While the drama of world unfolds day by day, I am always struck by the simultaneity of events in the natural world. The eagle sits on her nest. The hummingbirds make their thousands of miles journey. The tree swallows (thanks everyone for pointing out that these are tree swallows and not barn swallows. I knew, but my fingers typed barn even though my brain said tree!) return to swoop artfully above the pond. The names in our headlines-- it is they who are ephemeral. I remembered that today when I saw this:
You know how we find new blogs to read? We read comments on other blogs and something will catch our attention. If there's a homepage link, we take it, and new connections are made. That's how we came upon this link to the most incredible Live-streaming Eagle Nest cam in British Columbia. Followed a comment to a new blog and found it there.
I find it mesmerizing to watch this eagle nest. You can hear the eagle call, watch her adjust the eggs, clean the nest, glare at interlopers. She is endlessly fascinating, if you absolutely love watching wild life being themselves in real time. I've written the web host and suggested that they put up a PayPal link so this endeavor can be supported. I know I'd contribute for the opportunity to watch the two eggs hatch and become fledgling eagles. That would be thrilling.

On a slightly different note, but bird related, we saw our first two tree swallows of the year! Woohoo! They're back, and beautifully, mind-blowingly blue. They hardly ever sit still, but for some reason this one took a short break and looked our way.

Tom Delay? Who is Tom DeLay? I just flew 3000 miles. He eats my dust.

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