Friday, April 07, 2006

Technology and Eagle Update

From DPR:
in our continuing quest to stay at least a couple of steps behind the leading edge of the blogging technology curve, we have upgraded our movin' picture ability to present both quicktime movies and windows media player movies. those of you who were unable to see the emotionally moving nature movies which illustrated the action of some marine creature, here and here are links which should present you with movies in windows media player.

From RD:
I am obsessed with the eagle nest cam. I can't look away. I can no longer even connect from my Apple laptop, but only watch on the office PC desktop. So, I sit in the office with the laptop on my lap surfing the blogs, with the PC tuned to the eagle nest. I watch. I listen. I hear the mates call to each other. One on the nest, one somewhere off camera. I can't tell you how moving it is to watch the male stand up and nuzzle the two eggs with his flesh-piercing bill. I watch him curl his body around the pair as gently as possible, and rest his head with a gentility that belies the fierceness in his face. He waits for his mate. He listens for her call. I wait too. I am sitting in an office hundreds of miles away, waiting. Come home, we say to her, come home.
Sometimes the one in the nest is so still that the only way I know that the screen hasn't frozen is the movement in one small white downy feather at the edge of the nest, that is blowing in the treetop winds.

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