Thursday, May 11, 2006

Airport Bound

If you read this on Thursday morning, you should imagine us driving to the SeaTac Airport. Picture us on the ferry between Bainbridge Island and Seattle. From there we head south for a short drive along the seaport industrial side of the city to get to the airport.

We're going to the airport to pick up my birthday present. My mom is coming to visit! We are celebrating my birthday on Saturday and Mother's Day on Sunday together. I can't tell you how lucky we feel to have an opportunity to do that. My mom who long ago named me Robin Andrea (not Rexroth's Daughter) will be here for a long weekend in the pacific northwest. It's been almost year since she was here last.
This photo was probably taken in 1928, my mom, on the right, with her older sister
Once we get back here to the peninsula, you should imagine us laughing, talking politics, reminiscing, eating, birdwatching and walking minus tides. Sometime over the next few days, we may even get some shingling and blogging done.

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