Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Great Tomato Race

we participated last year in a tomato growing contest sponsored, hosted, created, by the eminent dr charles. we have accepted his challenge to join in again. it's free. it's fun. just post a tomato report the first sunday of the month. we missed the first sunday in may to post our tomato report, but the rules are lax, so here it is. as you can see from the award displayed prominently near the top of our blog, we were awarded a most prestigious graphic to honor our entry in the sexy category.

i decided to add some other garden reporting.

there are three tomato plant clumps along the right, all early oregon. there are two brandywine tomatoes in the rear left. the other little plants are basil. all of these were started april 8 and transplanted may 13. the plants in the container are blue potatoes.

these are volunteer tomatoes. we'll see what sort when they set fruit.

looking under a 25 foot tunnel cloche. in the foreground are carrots, then beets, which grew from seeds planted february 11. beyond, not very visible, are zucchini, broccoli, and tomatoes, all started in the greenhouse april 8 and transplanted may 6.

flowering kale. this was planted last fall. we have eaten a lot of kale.

today's mystery. what sort of plant structure is it?

clue: a different view of it. small picture, for dialup. large picture.


bonus flower picture!!! the first waterlily blossom of the year.

we are off to the airport this morning to deliver Bea, my wonderful MIL to alaska airlines for her trip home. it was a grand visit. we walked. we cooked. Robin Andrea and her mom talked and laughed.

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