Thursday, May 25, 2006

Second String

Right now I have over 4000 images in my iPhoto folder. How many of these will I ever post? Not many. Something beautiful yields to some other beauty. A Cinnabar Moth happens by and a Caspian Tern loses it turn. An eagle catches my eye and I forget about the snail trail in the sand. Is there anything special about a raven in the rain? I am not sure, but when I saw one, I thought it looked so damp and dejected. I lose myself in the wings of herons, but does everyone?

Here are a few things that should have appeared here but didn't. Like the second string on a team, they now get their time on the field.
Caspian Tern (Sterna caspia) a migrator to Washington from Mexico
Snail trail in the sand and sun reflection
Raven or crow? What do you think?
Great Blue Heron trying to get away from us
Do you have any second string things that call to you from your folder of photos and ideas?

I did have an idea that I was going to post about in response to a comment someone left for me a few days ago. It said that I should stop obsessing about death, that I should do something with my life. I was a little taken aback by it. Has anyone ever left you a comment that made you wonder if people think they really know you because they read your blog? Do you ever wonder how much like or unlike your blog personna you are in life? Are we sure of what we project, or how we will be perceived? Blogging presents such a contradiction: we are both veiled and unveiled.

But I decided not to do that post.

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