Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wall to Wall

we have turned a corner. we heard that phrase a lot during the viet nam war. at least the "authorities" at the time acknowledged some of reality and felt the need to assure and reassure us that it would all turn out well. now we have rulers so divorced from reality that they glibly assert that all is well with our adventure in iraq. in a larger picture we may have turned some corner in terms of global climate, by burning too much hydrocarbon stuff too fast. there are no more "snows of kilimanjaro." who knew?

the shingling project began with the wall on the right.

and made our way along a wall. we know how the war in viet nam worked out. we didn't turn any corner. we hit a wall. dominoes did not fall. our leaders tell us that the corner they want to turn in iraq leads to iran. out of the quagmire into the abyss. on the weather front, we face bigger fronts, better hurricanes, faster tornadoes, and rising water. the trade winds and ocean currents might stop.

the pirate's girlfriend robinandrea (the blogger formerly known as rexroth's daughter) mastered a pneumatic shingle stapler to fix these in place.

now we have reached another corner. viet nam vets have returned there to help rebuild that country. will we nuke iran? will the humboldt current fail, plunging europe into an ice age?

we will just go on around the corner shingling. i wonder if the fallout from iran will poison the strawberries. sure will be nice to grow them year round up here in the northwest. at least it will be till the water runs out.

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