Tuesday, June 20, 2006

i'm walkin' here *

here is another self portrait. i didn't take the picture, but it was done at my direction so that's self-ish enow. this self portrait thing is an interesting challenge. many of the folks participating have posted drawings of themselves. i gave it a shot. a small shot. a little sketch. i'll stick with photos and photoshop. the photo below shows me in one of my favorite places.
my dear robin and i walked monday morning along chimacum creek estuary. this is not a civilized trail. it is narrow and there are steep, slippery sections. it is a decent short workout. we walk here often. the combination of walking along a trail that requires real attention to avoid a fall and the experience of a beautiful estuary, heavily forested on both sides, with great blue herons, kingfishers, crows, hummingbirds, and myriad other birds flying about tweeting, cawing, and chittering calms the mind and offers respite from the harsh realities of living in interesting times.

out beyond me is the mouth of the creek, where there be clams, and port townsend bay. in the distance across the bay is indian island, the ever present reminder of our military might. the entire island is owned by the us navy. bombs are shipped to the island to be loaded onto navy supply ships to be delivered to, well, wherever the navy is using bombs.

below is a view from the mouth of the creek back into the estuary

a belated thank you to all who offered praise and encouragement in comments on our first self portrait post. tho i did a bit of photoshop self image blurring, and offered the list of icons, robin deserves all credit for her masterful manipulation of images and effects in photoshop to produce my image and hers. my name is dread pirate roberts (not really) and i approve this message (really).

* thank you, ratso rizzo.

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