Tuesday, June 06, 2006

on the road

hawk harrassed by crow. rest stop in wa just north of vancouver.
okay. it's just about 9 pm. we drove almost 500 miles today. not a major trip, but we whine 'cause we're old. we had our dinner of rice and sauteed tofu, cooked at home last night and nuked here in our nice little motel room in ashland, and then drove downtown to walk around in central ashland. it deserves an extra chi, as in chi-chi-chi, but well done! we walked in the stunningly beautiful park right downtown along lithia creek, then shopped for food for tomorrow on the yellow brick road to santa cruz at a very nice coop. below are random pix of our trip, labeled somewhat and not in order as i'm too tired to cut and paste text. love ya all!!!

the bridge over the columbia river, carrying I5

mt mcloughlin, east of medford, ore

the columbia river, looking through the railing on the bridge between wa and ore.

our pile of stuff, ready to load. i know, not in the best focus. also, there was more stuff. taken early this am.

interesting and strange, or, interestingly strange, big sculpture alongside I5 in the willamette valley in ore. some christian symbols, but odd geometric stuff too. who knows???????

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