Friday, June 09, 2006

Walking and Talking

We're talking in the morning, talking in evening, talking at supper time. We've seen more people in past 48 hours than we've seen in the nearly 24 months we've spent in northwest. I think we can only communicate in one venue at a time. We're talking talking talking in life, so there's just nothing left to say here. We did go for a nice hike today in a place called the Pogonip by the university. Rolling golden hills and deep redwood forest. Quiet.
Can you ever get a sense of the grandeur of these redwood giants from a photograph? I'm not sure it's possible, but that never stops us from trying. (Click on all photos to enlarge.)
There were acres and acres of rattlesnake grass. I think I must have picked up the tic here, the one we found crawling on me when we got home.
We loved this bay laurel, it was nearly as tall as the redwoods.
My twin brother and I walked along noticing birds and everything else that caught our eyes, or our imagination.
We took a close look at the coyote scat and found this tiny jaw bone and teeth. What do you think? What did the coyote eat?

What a nice couple of hours. The quiet was almost like being home. Friday is the big (BIG) party. Wish us luck.

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