Friday, July 21, 2006

Camouflaged Goldfinch

The temperatures are rising. It's supposed to be 93 today and 95 on Saturday. We are already wilting in the heat. There is really no place to hide from the oppressive sun. We try to work magic with the timing of open windows and closed blinds. Such are the modest strategies for comfort and survival. We don't have air-conditioning, but we do have a portable swamp cooler that we fill with ice. It blows cool, icy air on us for short periods of time, just long enough to relieve us of our heat delirium.
We've been watching the American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis) from the window where the blinds are not yet drawn. It is delightful to see them eating the Coreopsis seed, even while the bird feeders are full of their favorite food. I love seeing them go for what the earth offers. They have not forgotten what is good and nutritious, and they still know how to find it.
They do make me wonder how successful Roger and I would be if we had to fend for ourselves in nature. How well would we survive? I think if it were hot, I'd probably just shrug and give up, but on a cool day I might actually be able find some food.

Will you be doing anything to stay cool this weekend? There are several lakes in the area to go swimming. Unfortunately, the lake closest to us is closed because of toxic algae blooms that killed three dogs last month. Is life weird, or what? We hope you have a great and safe weekend. See you Monday.

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