Sunday, July 02, 2006

it's july 2

do you know where your tomatoes are?

i found ours right out in the garden. this post is our continuing entry in the great tomato race, er competition, sponsored by dr charles, he of the examining room.
see our nifty award from last year---------->

we have had unseasonably warm weather for several weeks and our maters are way ahead of where they were at this time last year. let's start outside.
center foreground are heritage brandywines. to the right, oregon spring extra early. to the left, marigolds. in the background are an artichoke plant and raspberries.

now let's go into the greenhouse.

wall'o'tomatoes. more of the same kind as outdoors, brandywines in front. that's basil to the left.

oregon early spring fruits. my hand for scale.

more oregon spring fruits.

these wee things are datil peppers. i first heard of them from the redoubtable fc @ pure florida in this post. they are a st augustine tradition fostered in some part by his family. i take the liberty of quoting fc here, quoting someone else:

This is not just a hot pepper. It has a unique flavor unlike any other. In "The Pepper Garden", by Dave DeWitt and Paul Bosland, the datil's true origins are nebulous.

"In 1768, according to legend, Minorcan settlers in St. Augustine, Florida, introduced the "Datil" pepper, a land race of the chinense species . Supposedly, this pepper was transferred from the Caribbean to Africa and then to Minorca in the Mediterranean, from which it was brought to Florida.Some historians believe that this story is all bunk and that the Datil peppers were introduced into Florida by trade with the Caribbean islands, a simpler explanation that makes a lot more sense."

you should really go read fc's story about datil peppers. i had to go looking in his archives to find that post. wow. great stuff.

bonus pic below!!! a bit of detail in the house shingling project. this line of fancy shingles will continue all the way around the house at the same level.

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