Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Little Things That Surprised Me

I always knew that rabbits eat greens. So, it did not surprise me when I watched this bunny munch down a very long piece of grass.
But I was really was surprised to see this one spend quite a bit of time chewing down dried grass, especially when there's still plenty of greens around for the taking. Interesting choice.
We watched the tree swallow babies fledge last week. They were all out of the nest box and flying around the yard. They were beautifully exuberant and artful on their first tries. We thought that once they left the nest, that would be the end of it, but they returned at the end of the day to roost. On Monday, we heard them in the nest box all day, chattering away. Both parents spent the day removing quite a bit of detritus from the box. Whenever they returned the babies chirped away plaintively. I could hear them from in the house! We were surprised that the babies stayed in, and mom continued to bring them food. We also were surprised to learn that once the babies are fully out of the nest, it may be early enough in the season for the parents to produce another family.
This sunset was so brilliant, so warm and penetrating on Sunday that the air itself seemed to turn pink and golden. I was surprised by the tangible color of air.
Roger planted the cauliflower starts in spring. The other day, when we were in the greenhouse, he pulled the leaves back on the plant and showed me this surprisingly beautiful golden cauliflower. We harvested it on Monday, and the taste was luminously delicious.

Have you been surprised by anything lately?

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