Sunday, August 06, 2006

august tomato report

here it is! the august tomato report for the great tomato race, sponsored, or initiated, by the nonpariel dr charles.
these are volunteer cherry tomatoes. we ate them last night in a salad. i have a soft spot for volunteers. our greenhouse has as many volunteer tomatoes as it has selected tomatoes grown from seed. well, i suppose the volunteers grow from seed too. outside we have volunteer potatoes and squash.

the closest to ripe. these are the same fruits pictured in last month's report.
if the weather holds and the creek don't rise, we will have a bumper crop.
these are outside. they were started in the greenhouse and transplanted out under the tunnel cloche pictured in this post. the plants grew fast and flowered quite early in their little plastic house. they were uncovered about a month ago and slowed down a bit.
the famous datil peppers of st. augustine florida! you can read more about them in last month's tomato report. one of three seedlings, which will all stay in the greenhouse.

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