Friday, August 04, 2006

Our Kayak Journey

By the time we arrived at this moment, we had already paddled along Kala Point Beach, around the point and a small driftwood-strewn inlet, and part way up Chimacum Creek.
Heading further up the creek, we were entertained by many Belted Kingfishers who squabbled, squawked, and swooped around us as they hunted in the rising tidal waters. Great Blue Herons scolded us and flew to ever higher branches along the creek.
We were really surprised to find crabs scuttling along the creek bed this far up. We turned around here and headed back to the bay.

Here we are approaching the mouth of the creek. We turn left, paddle along the pretty inlet, around the point, along the Kala Point beach, and then back to where we picked up the kayak.

There are no photographs of the bay parts of the journey (either coming or going) because I am not so easy on the open water. There was plenty of wind especially on the return trip, a little bit of rocking and rolling surf that had me slightly seasick, and I couldn't do anything but row and keep my eyes focused on things that wouldn't make it any worse! (Hey, this was my first time in a kayak!)

We really had a great time. Roger had a fine birthday, and we loved all of the well wishes from everyone. Thanks so much.

We'll be doing a tomato post on Sunday.

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