Saturday, August 26, 2006

pictures, we get pictures

we are once again honored to share pictues sent to us by our readers. we are endlessly fascinated by the images people offer to share. that's not a "royal we." it means robin and me. thanks to the contributors.

the pictures are ordered in whatever random sequence that blogger uploaded them. i told you i am a slacker.

normal narrative or direct quotes are in regular black text. my goofy comments are in blue text.

Dawn sent us this photo of a vulture taken in Newport, Oregon August 2006.

wow. that's a difficult shot to get.

Robin's sister in law (SIL, mine too, by marriage and love) sent the rose and the snake.

Jeanne (formerly known Soccer Mom) sent us the beautiful photo of Spiderwort, taken in the hills of Virginia

love the name...spiderwort.

Whisker, who comments here often, is a world-traveler and sent us this photo of a tasmanian devil that he took while in Tasmania.

i gotta say....tasmanian devil!!!!!!

Taradharma sent this contemplative look at drops of water on a nasturtium leaf

i have seen her photography. she's an artist, she don't look back.

RDJehn sent us this photo of the frog with this note:
This is a pic I took in Shelton in the Summer of 2004. I nearly ran over the little fellow with the electric mower, so I suppose he was frightened. I was grateful that he stayed put while I went into the house for the camera. It is a Kodak EasyShare 4530 and I used the close-up setting to take this.

lucky frog!

Laurel sent the wonderful mantis photo

looks healthy. must be a good food spot.

Robin's sister in law (SIL, mine too, by marriage and love) sent the rose and the snake.

a rose by any other name.......

Sigrid Jardin of The Secret Garden sent us the goat photo

though i always had white goats, the picture does remind me of the charm of goats. and the uh, non-charm.

Pam of Tuscon sent this beautiful prickly pear blossom

wow. just wow!

Suley 78757 sent us the dinosaur print with this note:
here's one of our recent favorites... we found a dinosaur (theropod) print while camping alongside a river in central texas. that's my wife's size 10 next to it...

i just love the size comparison. a coin wouldn't work. who carries a ruler?

From Yankee Transferred: Horseshoe Lake June, 2006

this is in arkansas. what a lovely place, and a great picture.


don't we all live in a beautiful place? as the song goes...."good planets are hard to find."

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