Saturday, August 19, 2006

saturday share-a-pic

yesterday we included this invitation on our post.
We're thinking about doing a post on Saturday and sharing photos that our friends without blogs have emailed to us. If you would like to send us a digital photo to be part of this post, please send it to newdharmabums at yahoo dot com. We know there are so many wonderful photographers out there who see things we will never see, so please send us your favorites. We also know this is short notice, but what the heck, we're spontaneous sometimes.
we got some e-mailed photos.

first, here is one of the pictures we had already received that prompted us to consider saturday share-a-pic.
this is from our friend of many years saren, who is editor of Wildlife Australia magazine.
taken from the back door today – with a bit of zoom, but when the grevilleas are in bloom, the rainbow lorikeets don’t mind hanging around and letting you get a bit closer.

here is another unsolicited picture, from our sister-in-law kim, wife to robin's twin brother.
These are the last pictures I took of the dove chick & parent before he/she fledged (a bit dramatically) from the nest. It was only 11 days old when it flew which is why I was so worried. Hopefully it's OK.

now here are pix sent in response to our invitation

this is from my brother in hawaii, on kauai. i'm sure this flower is in a pond in his yard.

this is from friend and commenter c corax.
This critter and one just like her (but smaller) live in the campus pond during the summer.
It's a Great Egret, which is a large white heron. Not to be confused with the white color morph of the Great Blue Heron. The G.E has yellow bill, black legs, black feet. The white GBH has a yellow bill, yellow legs & feet. Then there's the Snowy Egret which has a black bill, black legs and yellow feet.

this is from commenter rcwbiologist.
I took it while doing research at a Carolina Bay in South Carolina. If you don’t know what a Carolina Bay is google it, they are amazing unique formations that occur mostly in the Carolinas. I was the Resource Manager at Woods Bay State Natural Area doing baseline research on the flora and fauna there from 1999 to 2004. To me it looks like the carpenter frog is meditating on the fragrant water-lily. This habitat is a cypress-tupelo swamp. It was a fascinating place to work with lots of snakes and critters.

this last is from a reader who wishes to be identified as annie.

thanks to our contributors. we are enriched by your pictures and enjoy passing them on.

we'd be happy to do this again. e-mail your pictures.

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