Friday, August 18, 2006

When Hawks Dream

ain't no war monger
give me my good name and due
i seek only food
i live the hard work
sun up sun down hunger
hunting every meal
I bear no malice
never take more than I need
just enough to live

Reality notes: I photoshopped in these finches from one of Roger's photos. I was delighted with virtually providing this juvenile Cooper's Hawk a dream of abundance. It is too bad we must use the hawk as a metaphor for those among us who make war. These fierce raptors get a bad rap. They have a place in our yard as surely as the dove. The finch photo was taken Wednesday afternoon. Hawk photos were taken Thursday morning. (Click to enlarge.)

We're thinking about doing a post on Saturday and sharing photos that our friends without blogs have emailed to us. If you would like to send us a digital photo to be part of this post, please send it to newdharmabums at yahoo dot com. We know there are so many wonderful photographers out there who see things we will never see, so please send us your favorites. We also know this is short notice, but what the heck, we're spontaneous sometimes.

UPDATE: The kind of photos we're looking for are the ones that moved you-- they can be birds, flowers, landscapes, insects. Anything beautiful that you'd like to share.

If our Saturday post doesn't happen, we'll just wish you a fine weekend now. Peace.

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