Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Anomalous Vegetables and Bee Stings

We planted the corn late this year. It was definitely not knee-high by the 4th of July. We planned for a cool June and July (like we had last year), but were blindsided by a drought and record-breaking heat. So our corn is still growing, but has not yet yielded an ear. Although these look like they might be tasty someday.
What the corn has given us though is this anomaly. Or is it anomaly? We have no idea. We walked out to the garden the other day and found some of the tassels had what looked like kernels of corn.This just does not look right to us. Maybe someone out there has seen such a thing, but we haven't. Why would corn do this? We expected tassels, and we expected ears, but we did not expect tassels to look like ears. Here are the rest of the tassels, looking quite as expected.
Then, as if the corn wasn't bad enough, we went into the greenhouse and found anomalous tomatoes. One of our Early Oregon tomato plants had shot out a truss -- where the tomatoes were growing out of the flowers. The very light yellow petals were still there, and the flowers were extremely large. We've grown lots of tomatoes, but have not seen the fruit hanging with the flowers. We're not sure what's up with this.
Then, to round out the chaos of biology, my sister went to the beach on Saturday and was stung by a bee. Before she went to the beach, she checked online to see how the weather would be. Eight miles visibility. That's phenomenal for southern California. So she packed some fruit and cottage cheese and headed out to see how far she could see. Once there, she laid out her blanket and unpacked her fruit. Unfortunately, even though she could see eight-miles out to sea, she didn't see the bee right there on her lunch. It stung her. Here's a photo from Monday, she's having an allergic reaction to the bee sting that seems to be worsening every few hours. A doctor gave her a prescription for Prednisone, and told her she should see her regular physician and get an Rx for medication if she were ever to be stung again. At last report her hand was swelling.

I'm not leaping to any conclusions, but has the world gone crazy or what? And, I'm not even talking about what's going on in Washington. Don't get me started.

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