Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Change in the Weather

I'm taking a brief break from my word hiatus to give you a weather report. Summer turned to fall yesterday. We had drizzle most of the day. That's such good news considering Seattle had only .10" of rain in 87 days. Summer 2006 has been record-breaking hot and dry. This cool gray, drizzly weather is good for everything, and it makes these spiderwebs stand out.

I wish the change in the weather could balance the psyche-exploding news out of Washington D.C. It doesn't. Third revival of Christianity? Senate panel approves the domestic spying bill? The war on the streets of Baghdad will make us safer here? WTF?

No, not the drizzle, not even our neighbor telling me about the big bobcat that walked between our houses again early Monday morning is making me feel any better about the overall state of our nation. Although, I do imagine if I had seen the cat myself, it might have made me skip merrily along after it calling out, "here kitty kitty... here kitty." Instead, I'm wondering about how to get political asylum in other countries, because I feel like I've been cast as an enemy citizen in my own. Election seasons often make me sick. This one is shaping up to be a killer.

We're still collecting photos for Saturday's Good Planets are hard to find. Please send us your favorite shots of the earth's beauty. Send photos to newdharmabums at yahoo dot com. Thanks everyone.

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