Thursday, September 21, 2006


summer is over here in our part of washington state. the general temp has fallen by 10 degrees at least. rain has fallen for a day or so, enough to dampen everything. tuesday was sunny, but yesterday was drizzly. i decided that the outdoor tomato plants had gotten wet enough to start to rot, so i harvested a boxful of fruits in varying degrees of ripeness. we spread them out on paper towels on a shelf in the garage. they won't all ripen, but enough will to make this a worthwhile effort. that's garlic, harvested earlier, in the box at the left.

below is what we often do with tomatoes.

sliced. salt and peppered. topped with chopped fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


we continue the shingle-the-house project. the work is high enough off the ground that scaffolding is involved. pictures at eleven. or anon.

thanks to our readers, and to a mention of our saturday photo thing by the irascible, a positive attribute at chez bums, and charming, also positive, pzmyers, we have been offered such a number of fine photos that we must this week add a sunday edition of postcards from the earth. we began this photo sharing saturday with lowered expectations (of participation, not quality. click on began and check it out), having received a great bird picture from an old friend in the land down under, and added another bird picture from family, and a few pictures from contributors who responded to an invitation on the day prior to send pics. e-mail is fun now. we get, and share with you, such interesting photos. good planets are hard to find. i know of only one, so far. how about you?

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