Saturday, September 16, 2006

Good Planets Are Hard to Find #5

we are once again honored to offer photos from near and far. wondrous robin has uploaded all the pictures and organized them to be presented here in order received by us, and provided text for each, also in proper order, so that i am left to insert the text and provide a lead-in and a coda. people from all over have sent the actual content of our saturday post. picture postcards. thank you.

Dave sent us this and wrote:
Taken this year in the Ada Valley along the St James Walkway, Southern Alps, New Zealand. It's early morning and a specially golden light is low across the hummocks in the flats beside the river.

Yankee Transplant sent us this and wrote:
This is the outside of the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. It's not 100 percent nature, but a beautiful spot and to me, a reminder of better times.

Indigo (*) sent us this and wrote:
this is a HUGE puffball mushroom. you know, the kind that are usually the size of a golf ball. i couldn't believe my eyes. my friend said he's seen 'em this big before; i never have. i was so excited and ran to get my camera, even though it made me late for a wedding! i tried a few different items to relate the size of the thing. my head turned out to give the absoloute best sense of the enormity of the fungus.

Pam of Tucson sent us this and wrote:
Attached is a photo I took near Granville Island, in Vancouver, BC in June...I was trying to photograph an elusive Canada Goose. I rushed round the corner of a small building and came across this tranquil scene. I stood quietly and watched. The young lady turned slowly and smiled at me, but neither of us broke the silence. There was an amazing air of gentleness, trust and communion between this lovely person and the birds.

Evan sent us two photos and wrote:
The butterfly is from somewhere in the central American rain forest (jungle.)

again from evan:
The turtle is off the eastern coast of Belize on a little island of about five acres called tobacco caye.

Dawn sent us this photo and said that the American Bittern was photographed in Nisqually Valley where the Nisqually River meets Puget Sound.

Laurel sent us this photo from Kentucky and wrote:
I found this little guy or gal looking in at us from outside our living room window next to our front door. He or she looked so beautiful and had worked so hard on making this web that I didn't have the heart to remove him/her.

Seavu sent us this photo:
Attached is a view of Sand Beach, at Newport Cove, in Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine. Water temperatures at this cove don't usually exceed 55 degrees, which may explain why virtually no one is in the water.

Gary (**) sent three photos that he took while vacationing in New Zealand.
Tide patterns in the sand. Golden Bay New Zealand South Island

Inlet on Marlborough Sound

Mt. Cook National Park New Zealand

Sonia sent us this photo and wrote:
I've attached a photo taken by me, near my house, in Enseada Azul, Paranapanema, São Paulo's State, Brazil. The tree is "Tabebuia chrysotricha", know as Golden Trumpet Tree, in Portuguese, "Ipê Amarelo."


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* nepotism alert. indigo is my daughter.
**double alert! gary is my brother.

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