Sunday, September 24, 2006

Good Planets Are Hard to Find #6

When we first started posting photographs for the Good Planets six weeks ago, we had no idea how enriched our lives would be by it. We are receiving emails from around the world with views of the earth that we will never see with our own eyes. There are so many people who see the world the way we do, who notice the smallest detail, and the most dramatic expressions across a darkening sky. From Alaska to Tasmania there are people who grab their cameras and fly out the door to capture a moment on earth. Postcards from the planet. We thank everyone who submitted, and apologize to anyone who may have been left out. We live on a good and beautiful planet, and they really are hard to find.

Marcie F sent two photos; Tallahassee, and waterfall at Mt. Rainier.

Michael F sent this photo of Southern Israel.He wrote: This is a wadi in southern Israel, with dusk approaching -- our group's noise flushed a large flight of birds from the brush, which banked and soared in unison against the dwindling daylight. Taken late fall of 2001.

Daniel S. sent us this photo of the sky in Wyoming.He wrote: I took this last summer while traveling westward on I-90 in northeast Wyoming, heading towards Gillette.

Paul B sent this photo that captures the water flowing over rocks.
Susannah sent this photo of daisies blowing in the wind from Mud Bay Delta, British Columbia.
Liz O sent this photo from Connecticut.She wrote: (This) is fungus growing on a dead tree. Again, it's something traditionally kind of icky, but it's beautiful. I love finding beauty in small things and unexpected places.

Susan F sent these two photos of Okanogan in Washington.

Mark M sent this photo of a lilypad in Flowing Lake, Washington.
Brian sent this photo from Ontario.He wrote: This photo was taken in September 2006 on the northeast shore of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. The blue, crystal clear water of Georgian Bay is almost shocking.

Greg sent these two photos from the English countryside.

Chris sent this of the horizon in Alaska.
Yankee Transplant sent this photo.She wrote: This photo of the clouds was taken in the wilds of Memphis, Tennessee. I leaned my head back in my camp chair while watching my girls play soccer, and this sight is what greeted me.

Laurel sent this photo.She wrote: These are Amish foddershocks in Kentucky on a sunny September afternoon.

Seavu sent us this photo of mums.She wrote: To celebrate the arrival of fall, I'm sending you a bouquet of big, gorgeous mums from Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Nio sent this flower close-up from Old Hill, New Hampshire.She wrote: I have pictures of Old Hill posted all over my site as I spend much time down there. I am beginning to know the area very well and see all kinds of wildlife. Spending time down in Old Hill allows me to connect with the mountains, water, sky, wind, and Mother Earth. It has become a very important place for me.

Tara sent this photo of Post Ranch hills in Big Sur.She wrote: See the lovely lavendar? Oh, did it smell GOOD!

Divajood sent this photo taken during her recent journey to Australia
Jeanne sent this photo she took during a camping trip. It was probably photographed somewhere in Virginia.
Evan sent this photo of the Thomas Point Lighthouse in Chesapeake Bay.

Kathy A sent this photo of a Lily of the Nile, agapanthus.She wrote: We have these lovely lilies of the nile in our front yard. The first five years or so, we had no blooms at all, because the deer ate all the emerging buds. This year, one hardy flower stalk is still holding out, even though its sister stalks have gone to seed.

We will be doing another Good Planets next Saturday. Please send us one or two of your favorite photographs. Thank you so much, everyone.

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