Saturday, September 30, 2006

Good Planets Are Hard to Find #7

Again, we are blown away by the photos we have received in the mail. From stunning close-ups to breath-taking panoramas, Maine to Peru, we get to see for a moment the earth's beauty through someone else's eyes. It's quite an experience. We hope you enjoy these postcards from earth.

From Barbara P:
These are from a recent visit to Leaming's Run Gardens in Cape May County, NJ. So hard to choose which to send! I want to share them all with you so you can experience the peace and beauty of the place.

Janice B in Vancouver, BC
We get snow so seldom here on southern Vancouver Island that is something to be held in awe. This picture was taken looking up into the tree in the night sky ...

Mary from Virginia wrote:
I was about to open the gate in my back yard fence when I noticed a twig on the gate. I was reaching down to brush it off when I realized it wasn't a twig at all, but a pair of walking stick insects mating!

Turning to my right, I caught a picture of this chipmunk, eyeing me from atop my woodpile:

Lindsay A writing from Maine sent two photos and wrote:
These are two photos from my trip to peru and ecuador, respectively.

Yankee Transfer wrote:
This is a closeup of my favorite tree in our yard, taken in April of 2006. It's a North American Fringe Tree and it gives off the loveliest, light, lemony scent.

Barbara A from Delta, British Columbia sent two photos:
The first photo, from Mud Bay, was taken at low tide; one of those rocks looks to me somewhat like a half-buried alien. Shouldn't have tried walking on that stuff; it's really soupy goop. The birds love it, and it is probably full of all kinds of happy, muddy beasties.

Minekhada Park, farther up the Fraser Valley.

Whisker sent this sweet bunny photo:

Kathleen W sent two photos from northern coastal Maine

Dawn B wrote:
This is a male Eurasian Wigeon, taken in Bellevue this last spring. Behind the pretty boy is an American male Wigeon.

Jeanne wrote from Virginia:
Change of seasons. These three shots were taken within a few short minutes of each other on a recent camping trip in SW Virginia . The first facing into the sunrise. The second at about a 90 degree angle from the first. The third at 180 degrees. Amazing what the sunlight does to the colors?

Gary in Kauai sent these three photos capturing different aspects of the island.
A gnarly cypress-
Poli Hale Sunset on western Kauai-
Seed pods from a rare and endangered Hawaiian plant-
Pam of Tucson wrote:
The wonders of our world come large and small. As I processed photos of poppies taken in our friends' garden on Bowen Island, BC, I noticed the exquisite detail of the post-petal seed head. Enclosed are two poppy photos - one with petals, one without.

We are delighted to present these images and plan to keep doing Saturday's Good Planet posts as long as people keep sending in what the world looks like out their windows. When the photos stop, we'll stop. Until then, we thank all these photographers for sending in their view of the world.

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