Sunday, September 03, 2006

the tomatoes of september

how time flies. here it is the first sunday in september and time for the tomato report, our responsibility as a participant in the great tomato race, sponsored by the multi-faceted dr charles. it is fun to look back to last year's september post, wherein we whined about cool weather and few ripe tomatoes. not this year.

tomatoes out in the garden
holy seedlings batman! tomatoes ripening outdoors! these were started under the cloche, but they have been out in the raw fresh air for almost three months. this is the upside of a hot summer with no rain for more than three months.

tomatoes in the greenhouse
we have been eating ripe tomatoes from in there for two weeks now. we will have enough soon to freeze some.

tomatoes on the plate
salt and pepper. chopped basil. drizzled with olive oil. (i just love that word.....drizzle) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

bonus squash picture
that is a hubbard squash. the vines are spread out quite widely from two squash hills, with lots of flowers. so far there are only two fruits forming, but they are big.

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