Friday, September 01, 2006

we're busy

we aren't just sitting around watching the banana plant grow. we have blogs to read, weeds to pull, flowers to water, winter veggies to plant, and, oh yeah, the ongoing shingle-the-house project.

why is the doofus tilting his head back so far, causing a bit of neck strain?


what fun stretching up over the kitchen greenhouse window. don't drop that prybar!

another bit of the ugly blue siding gone. that's as high as i work on ladders and a plank. i know. there is one step higher. it doesn't look that far up, but my head is about ten feet off the ground. i have learned to relax enough to dance a bit up there, listening to my beloved kpig streaming to me over the internet from far santa cruz. we have to rent scaffolding for the gable ends anyway, so i'm not pushing myself to get up on the teetering top level. my head will be about 24 feet off the ground to finish off the top of the gable end .

the shingles you see above already installed, indeed virtually all the shingles up to six feet on the walls, were all stapled in place by robin, who, of course, took the pictures of me up there.

i get to have some fun. there are two 45 degree corners and i did them in this wraparound style. the other corners have vertical trim.

we aren't ignoring the news. we saw the clip of crazy don rumsfeld calling us, and 60% of the population, intellectually and morally confused appeasers to fascists because we see the war on iraq as a mistake of epic proportions, and we applauded keith olbermann's commentary on crazy don's wacko view of democracy.

keep sending those pictures that you would like to share. we'll post them on saturday. we are amazed by the images we receive. e-mail to newdharmabums at yahoo dot com.
tomato post this sunday for the great tomato race! be there or be square.

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